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       For HF Communication Constanta Radio uses the following ITU allocated channels 415, 603, 808, 823, 1210, 1622 și 2233.
       The system HF DSC watch Constanta Radio provides continuous, 24/24 for distress and emergency situations frequencies 4207,5, 6312, 8414,5, 12577 și 16804,5 kHz. Obsolete equipment allow making of connections, ship-to-shore, shore-ship radiotelephone directly to the recipient or with authorities Designed to intervene in situations of distress. For commercial traffic Constanta ITU Radio scans working channels and turns the tables on schedule that can be found on this page.
       Constanța Radio is fitted with Radio communications equipments in high-frequency bands (HF HF DSC). HF is very important in the short-wave range, since these frequencies are reflected by inosfera towards Earth, which determines the propagations of radio communication waves to a long distance. Constanța Radio /YQI-as a naval radio comm. company provides 24/7 watch-keeping listening service in these frequencies for ships and boats sailing in the territorial sea and the contiguous waters of Romania in accordance with requirements of the global maritime distress and safety system for areas A2-A3.
       G.M.D.S.S. A3 este arealul în afara zonelor A1 și A2, în care “CONSTANȚA RADIO” ensure, in this frequencies an 24 hours from 24, 7 days a week, watch-keeping listening service on I.T.U. allocated channels frequencies: 4125 kHz, 6215 kHz, 8291 kHz, 12290 kHz, 16420 kHz and also DSC (digital selective calling) - 4207.5 kHz, 6312 kHz, 8414.5 kHz, 12,577 kHz ,16,804.5 kHz, in such a way that they are always available to the intervention of S.A.R.
       For this purpose “Constanta Radio” is fitted with three main RX/TX ICOM IC-M802, each connected at 1 KW power amplifiers SPE-2K-FA and remote controlled by a high tech marine dedicated software and servers. Those equipments are doubled by other two RX/TX SAILOR 6301 adapted for maritime coast stations and by preserved console with 1 KW power output transmission “SAIT DEVLONICS”
        Due to the antennae field all communications are in good working conditions for maximum performance.For long distances out of the HF DSC range “Constanta Radio” is fitted with an INMARSAT-C standard equipment, also with H24 services.Working scheduler is mentioned on tables from this page and are updated accordingly.“CONSTANȚA RADIO” send acknoledge as soon as possible (H24) to all safety tests on HF DSC which are received from the ships in 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 22 MHz and also to all individual calls for public communications, with RT radio communications on ITU channels alocated.


Traffic for distress, urgency and safety

Reception HF DSC(KHz)Reception RT HF(KHz)Scheduler (UTC)

Traffic for public correspondence

Reception (KHz)Emision (KHz)Time (UTC)
233252748 06:33 - 08:33 - 10:33
-12:33 - 14:33 - 16:33

Maritime Safety Information

ITU ChannelsEmision (KHz)Reception (KHz)Time (UTC)Service
4154399410718:30 - 22:30H24
6036507620618:30 - 22:30H24
8088740821606:30 - 10:30 - 14:30 - 18:30 - 22:30H24
8238785826106:30 - 10:30 - 14:30 - 18:30 - 22:30H24
1210131041225706:30 - 10:30 - 14:30 - 18:30 - 22:30H24
1622173051642306:30 - 10:30 - 14:30 - 18:30H24
2233227922209606:30 - 10:30 - 14:30H24


       In 1982 was introduced the first system INMARSAT-A which at that times provides basic communication and improve service alert in case of distress, urgency and safety. After INMARSAT-A in 1994 was introduced INMARSAT-B who is the digital version of the first system, and with the second system co-exist for a while. Subsequently INMARSAT-A has been removed from use.
       INMARSAT-C was introduced in 1991 and he was made with the transmission of text and faxsimile data, maritime safety information under enhanced group of call around navigational areas for safety and distress alert.
       INMARSAT-C system is part of the global maritime distress and safety system (G.M.D.S.S.).
INMARSAT system consists of three major components:
  1. - Space segment consists of four orbiting satellites
  2. - Land Earth Station (LES)
  3. - Ship mobile stations (MES)
       "Constanta Radio" is equipped with the Inmarsat-C system, which operated 24/24 hours,7 days a week.INMARSAT-C equipment replaces the old telex system.
Sending messages by INMARSAT-C through “Constanta Radio”can be made using the following data:
MMSI: 002640570
INMC - M.I.D.: +492260041, prefix AOR-E (581) or (580)

  • G.M.D.S.S.

    The development process began in 1993 which has made Romanian Coast Station "Constanta Radio" to become fully compatible with GMDSS areas A1-A2-A3 by implemented of the DSC equipment and also telex by INMARSAT-C.. Details...-->
  • Navtex Transmissions

    Integrated part of the GMDSS requirements , NAVTEX system was introduced in service in 2003. "Constanta Radio" as coordinator station transmits safety information on the 490 kHz, in Romanian and in 518 kHz English by remote through VARNA RADIO. și engleză. Details...-->

    Romanian Coast Station "Constanta Radio" ensures permanent watch-keeping listening in very high frequency (VHF) RT and digital selective calling (DSC VHF) - CH16 CH 70 accordingly. Working channels for traffic service are CH 25 and CH 26. Details...-->
  • MF DSC

    On medium wave (MF) "Constanta Radio" provides permanent watch-keeping listening service on the international distress frequency, urgency and safety MF 2182 kHz RT, and 2187.5 kHz DSC. For traffic service allocated ITU frequencies are 2332.5 and 2748 kHz. Details...-->
  • HF DSC

    Romanian Coast Station "Constanta Radio" also ensure permanent standby watch-keeping listening service on high frequency (HF) bands allocated by ITU in 4/6/8/12/16/22 MHz HF and in 4207.5, 6312.5, 8414.5, 12577 kHz international DSC frequencies. Details...-->
  • Radiotelegraphy

    Constanta Radio" still maintain telegraphic service, for those whom may be concerned using only the frequencies of 500 kHz for reception and 446.5 kHz for broadcast . We use two TX SAILOR with 400 W power. Details...-->