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       Romanian Coast Station -Constanta Radio / YQI -activity is directly related to the existance of maritime transport, and initialy functioned under IEFM Navrom Constanța Company, between 1960 - 1990. Radionav become autonomous radio communications coast station company for the maritime and river transportations, and from 1998 by Romanian decision GD No.525/1998 become the unique radio operator coast station for the national maritime areas of Romania.

       Investments performed in 1973 were defined by developments of two distinct centers properly equipped with radio equipment, voice and Morse. Initial fields of broadcasting antennas and transmitters of 7.5 kW and 15 kW ensured a stable radio communications links with all the ships and vessels which sail on the seas and oceans of the world. The development of the Romanian coast station with new equipment started from 1993 and now fulfills the GMDSS requirements for areas A1-A2-A3.


        Radionav S.A. Ensures maritime radio communications and technical support activities for ships under authority of the Romanian Ministry of Transports, in accordance with international regulations and requirements:

- The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS '74/'78)

- The International Convention for Search and Rescue (SAR '79).

- The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL '73/'78),

- The International Safety Management (ISM '93),

- Radionav S.A. is registered at International Telecommunications Union (ITU),

- The International Convention for satelitte communication (INMARSAT),

- The Internation Code for ship safety and Ports Facility (I.S.P.S.),

  • G.M.D.S.S.

    The development process began in 1993 which has made Romanian Coast Station "Constanta Radio" to become fully compatible with GMDSS areas A1-A2-A3 by implemented of the DSC equipment and also telex by INMARSAT-C.. Details...-->
  • Navtex Transmissions

    Integrated part of the GMDSS requirements , NAVTEX system was introduced in service in 2003. "Constanta Radio" as coordinator station transmits safety information on the 490 kHz, in Romanian and in 518 kHz English by remote through VARNA RADIO. și engleză. Details...-->

    Romanian Coast Station "Constanta Radio" ensures permanent watch-keeping listening in very high frequency (VHF) RT and digital selective calling (DSC VHF) - CH16 CH 70 accordingly. Working channels for traffic service are CH 25 and CH 26. Details...-->
  • MF DSC

    On medium wave (MF) "Constanta Radio" provides permanent watch-keeping listening service on the international distress frequency, urgency and safety MF 2182 kHz RT, and 2187.5 kHz DSC. For traffic service allocated ITU frequencies are 2332.5 and 2748 kHz. Details...-->
  • HF DSC

    Romanian Coast Station "Constanta Radio" also ensure permanent standby watch-keeping listening service on high frequency (HF) bands allocated by ITU in 4/6/8/12/16/22 MHz HF and in 4207.5, 6312.5, 8414.5, 12577 kHz international DSC frequencies. Details...-->
  • Radiotelegraphy

    Constanta Radio" still maintain telegraphic service, for those whom may be concerned using only the frequencies of 500 kHz for reception and 446.5 kHz for broadcast . We use two TX SAILOR with 400 W power. Details...-->