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       Constanta Radio, actual C.N.R.N. Radionav S.A., has been issueing about the early ‘60, when they founded the radio station in the coastal Gate 4 Constanta port, built in collaboration with the British for Romania. Subsequently in 1973 and have performed the first two centers investments are constructed, one for transmission at Cumpana and one for reception Agigea.
       Experience that time consist of radio equipment for work in telegraphy and telephone and fully complies with the requirements of S.O.L.A.S. Initial fields of broadcasting antennas and transmitters of 7.5 and 15 KW liaise stable over the whole world's seas and oceans.
       Due to system implementation G.M.D.S.S. which introduced system NAVTEX and satellite communications, most coastal stations have abandoned traditional mode by telegraphy (A1A).
       "Constanta Radio" keeps this mode (A1A) working with power equipment smaller and further forwards storm notices, weather and navigational advice for Western Black Sea, in the area covered by the points of coordinates - latitude 43.5 N - 45.5 N and longitude 28E-2E.
       Storm notices and those for the safety of navigation are provided in an additional schedule upon arrival and after the first two periods of telegraphic silence (H +18, H +48). To make telegraphic transmissions "Constanta Radio" uses two transmitters SAILOR 500 W power installed Agigea Control Center and two multi-band receivers "SKANTI R8003" and "FURUNO RV107".

Storm Warning, Weather and Navigation Notices chart

Reception A1A (KHz)Emision A1A (KHz)Scheduler (UTC)
500500 / 446.506:50
500500 / 446.512:50
500500 / 446.518:50

  • G.M.D.S.S.

    The development process began in 1993 which has made Romanian Coast Station "Constanta Radio" to become fully compatible with GMDSS areas A1-A2-A3 by implemented of the DSC equipment and also telex by INMARSAT-C.. Details...-->
  • Navtex Transmissions

    Integrated part of the GMDSS requirements , NAVTEX system was introduced in service in 2003. "Constanta Radio" as coordinator station transmits safety information on the 490 kHz, in Romanian and in 518 kHz English by remote through VARNA RADIO. și engleză. Details...-->

    Romanian Coast Station "Constanta Radio" ensures permanent watch-keeping listening in very high frequency (VHF) RT and digital selective calling (DSC VHF) - CH16 CH 70 accordingly. Working channels for traffic service are CH 25 and CH 26. Details...-->
  • MF DSC

    On medium wave (MF) "Constanta Radio" provides permanent watch-keeping listening service on the international distress frequency, urgency and safety MF 2182 kHz RT, and 2187.5 kHz DSC. For traffic service allocated ITU frequencies are 2332.5 and 2748 kHz. Details...-->
  • HF DSC

    Romanian Coast Station "Constanta Radio" also ensure permanent standby watch-keeping listening service on high frequency (HF) bands allocated by ITU in 4/6/8/12/16/22 MHz HF and in 4207.5, 6312.5, 8414.5, 12577 kHz international DSC frequencies. Details...-->
  • Radiotelegraphy

    Constanta Radio" still maintain telegraphic service, for those whom may be concerned using only the frequencies of 500 kHz for reception and 446.5 kHz for broadcast . We use two TX SAILOR with 400 W power. Details...-->